Resources Page for Process Not Perfection: Expressive Arts Solutions for Trauma Recovery

Please feel free to look at the video and other supplementary resources referenced in the book by clicking on the corresponding chapter. You can also view the full color version of artwork that appears in the book. You are also welcome to explore the other resources available here.


Section I: Preparing

Articles, Blogs, AND Interviews on Process Not Perfection

March 2019: Dr. Jamie’s guest blog at Liv’s Recovery Kitchen
April 2019: Dr. Jamie’s blog The Power of Process, The Magic of Expressive Arts Therapy
April 2019: Dr. Jamie’s podcast on expressive arts therapy by Clearly Clinical  
April 2019: Dr. Mary’s blog I Didn’t Sign Up For This: Lessons from My Apple Butter
April 2019: Dr. Jamie’s blog The Speechie’s Process
April 2019: Dr. Jamie’s podcast on The Trauma Therapist with Guy McPherson
​April 2019: Dr. Jamie’s interview with Gary Enos of Addiction Professional
May 2019: Dr. Jamie’s blog The Practice of Buying Yourself Flowers
August 2019: Dr. Jamie’s blog Did I Just Write a Song?

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