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Good day, good people, and welcome to the Redefine Therapy site! This site is the most comprehensive listing of all materials that I make available on a complimentary basis, including skill videos, interviews, articles, and more. My passion is shattering the stigma and discrimination about mental health and recovery that keeps us stuck as individuals, as systems, and as societies. Our hope for this page is to begin equipping you with some of the resources that you will need to change the way we approach mental health and wellness.

Latest Books

Authored by dr. jamie marich

Jamie Marich is the author of more than a dozen books, manuals, and other print-based resources, with many more projects in the works! This section focuses on the latest projects that she is getting out into the world.

Train With Jamie

EMDR THerapy, Advanced Topics, & More

Dr. Jamie Marich offers the complete EMDRIA-approved curriculum in EMDR Therapy through her company, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness. She also offers a wide variety of courses and experiences sponsored by other organizations.